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Pay It Forward FREEBIE!

It’s a new year and the start of so many “new beginnings”!  Why not start something new in your workplace!?
A few years ago in the days leading up to winter break, I was noticing that there was a lot of negativity going around… that, and stress–a LOT of stress!  I was chatting with a few of my colleagues at work, who had noticed the same thing. If only we could get some POSITIVE vibes started… and keep them going!!
Why not take the idea of “paying it forward” and PAY each other a compliment!?  We set a stack of these “bills” by the staff mailboxes and three of us each wrote a message to a colleague on each grade level (to get the ball rolling).  In turn, staff started writing messages for others when they received one… to “Pay it Forward”.
We kicked it off before break and are excited to continue sending positive vibes throughout our building!  Want to give it a try in your school?  Hop over to grab this free download from my TpT store.  
I’d love to hear how it works for your staff!!!
Karen :o)

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